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‘Unrealistic’ students who don’t understand academic guidance: study guide

A new academic guide for young people could help them better prepare for exams.The National College for Continuing Education (NCCE) has produced a guide for students and parents, to help them make better decisions about where to study.It includes advice on choosing a course, and gives tips on how to make sure you’re prepared for […]

How to protect your children from online porn: Experts warn of ‘potential epidemic’

Experts say that the spread of online porn, a key factor in the rise in internet addiction, could be a potential epidemic.They warn that people could fall into a “mimicking porn-induced psychosis” and end up in hospital or prison.They say the dangers are so great that it would be best to make the best of […]

How to solve academic guidance crosswords

Financial counsellor Ian C. Smith and academic counsellors, Rachael H. Gurney and Jennifer M. Hines, have developed a tool to help you solve academic advice crosswords.It was developed as part of the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Crossword Study and is available on the NUS website.The tool was developed to help students navigate crossword puzzles, […]

When you are not reading the academic guidance brochure, how do you go about learning to code?

As you probably know, the academic advisory programme has been around for over a decade.However, the new edition of the curriculum will be the first to focus entirely on digital content, with a focus on digital learning.“The first version of the academic programme, which was first published in 2006, was a bit of a mixed […]

Why ‘academic prophetic guidance’ is so powerful

NPR | August 13, 2018 A new academic guidance book that claims to give academic researchers “academic leadership” and “academically prophetic guidance” is giving academic researchers new ammunition to criticize the field.“Academic prophetic advice” is a term coined by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to describe a book that provides academic leaders […]

‘No school should be allowed to be an academy’: Students’ union slams ‘unnecessary and discriminatory’ exam

A top university has been slammed for its controversial exam posters.In an official statement, the Association of British Universities (AUB) said it was “disappointed” with the posters, which are intended to encourage students to think critically and act on what they learn.“We recognise that some students have already been criticised for their responses, but the […]

What academic guidance counselors teach at UK universities

In a major academic overhaul, the University of Sussex (UK) has announced that its guidance counsellors will be taught as full-time staff rather than temporary positions.The move, which is expected to boost the pay of its 1,300 full- and part-time advisers, is being made to address concerns about staffing levels.The changes will come into effect […]

How to use Adobe Illustrator to create a tutorial poster

By using Illustrator CC, you can easily design a tutorial postcard or poster for your academic guidance class.Adobe Illustrators tutorial poster design is a powerful tool, which can be used to create the poster in Adobe Illustration CC.Here are the best tutorials to get you started.1.Creating a tutorial illustration postcardWith Adobe Illustrations tutorial poster, you’ll […]