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When will the ‘Academic Guidance’ rule go into effect?

With more than 20 million people using the internet daily, students and teachers across the world are faced with a host of online questions and tasks each day.Some students are learning how to read the internet, but there is no guarantee they will be able to solve all of these questions and answers.That’s why it […]

Tiger Academic Guidance Program gets free access to new software

Tiger Academic, a cloud-based platform for academic guidance that launched last month, has been awarded a patent for a new version of its academic guidance software, according to a patent filing.The company has been a pioneer in the cloud computing space, which offers students and faculty access to a vast amount of data, including textbooks, […]

University of Tamil Nadu suspends course on ‘social justice’

Tamil Nadu University has suspended its four-year-old social justice course due to “unacceptable” content.According to the student newspaper, the University of Chennai (UTN) has notified that the course will be discontinued after a survey conducted by a faculty member found that the syllabus contains some objectionable content.The student newspaper reported that the university said that […]

What’s the difference between academic guidance and academic life guidance?

The academic guidance field is a large, complex area of the curriculum, but it is not the same thing as academic life advice.It refers to what students are expected to learn from their courses.It includes topics such as: academic preparation, the importance of a strong academic track record, and whether a student should be allowed […]

Tiger academic guidance group to be dissolved

Tiger Academic Guidance Group will be dissolved, the group said on Thursday.The group’s executive director, Jennifer Gentry, said in a statement that she is stepping down from her position.“The Tiger Academic Group will no longer be a part of Tiger,” Gentry said in the statement.“However, I am not leaving the organization, nor am I stepping […]

How to identify academic guidance, research and teaching support in academic guidance programme

Academic guidance services are a key part of the academic guidance scheme, and are part of an academic guidance assessment process.In addition, a part of this assessment process is to help guide the placement of learners.Academic guidance organisations provide guidance and support to students through their education, from the pre-school age through to university.They also […]

The Academic Poster Guidance Book is Here to Help you Get Your Message Across

On a sunny day, the professors and students of the University of California, Davis are preparing for a special academic year.They’re on a mission to inspire their students to achieve academic excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and their work will be taught in an online, peer-reviewed course called the Academic Poster Guide.But […]

Academic poster guidance is a good idea, says professor

Academic poster guides can help people who are struggling with research projects and are working through difficult research experiences.The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Survey of Educational Attainment (NSEA) found that in 2014, only 11% of people aged 16 years and over who were employed were able to find a research project that suited their […]

How to keep students and parents safe in the wake of deadly terror attacks

The US government has said it has increased resources to protect students and their families after deadly terror assaults on college campuses and at military facilities.In a statement to CNN, the Department of Education said the department is working with the National Security Agency (NSA) to “address threats posed by international students and others”.“We will […]