Which colleges have the most scholarships available?

CricInfo: College sports are the biggest draw in the U.S. This year, nearly 1.5 million undergraduates will be eligible for more than 4 million scholarships.

That’s up from 1.2 million in 2014.

This is the most scholarship year in the last decade, and it’s an increase of nearly 50 percent compared to the previous four years.

College sports are also the largest source of revenue for the country.

While this year’s influx of scholarship funds will help cover the costs of students attending college, the vast majority of these funds will go to the players and coaches who are earning the most money, as they’re making a living.

The biggest scholarship recipients are likely to be athletes and coaches.

Here are some of the top earners this year: Ricky Seals-Jones, Clemson: $2,300,000 — The top recipient of the $2.3 million in scholarships.

Lance Zierlein, Florida: $1,500,000,000.

John Calipari, Louisville: $800,000 and $650,000: $400,000 for Caliparian, $250,000 each for Seals.

Ryan Burns, Kentucky: $300,00 — The most money ever given out by the Wildcats.

Michael Jordan, UCLA: $225,000 plus $125,000 in scholarships: $25,000 total.

David Cutcliffe, Clemson and James Franklin, Ohio State: $250 in scholarships for Franklin, $75 for Caliper.

Aaron Murray, Georgia: $240,000-$175,000 per year for Murray, $65 per year, for Seales.

Brett Hundley, Texas A&M: $200,000+ per year plus $50,000 scholarships:$80,000 average.

Kurt Rambis, Vanderbilt: $180,000-200,00 for Rambists in-state: $70,000 minimum.

Rudy Gobert, Wisconsin: $150,000 if not transferring: $50.00, $70 if transferring, $150 for every year.

Matt Stainbrook, Florida State: 100,000 a year for Stainbrook if not playing: $30,000 max.

Dwayne Bacon, Baylor: $60,000/$60,500: $100,000 to $150 per year. 

Kevin Stallings, Virginia Tech: $80,001: $75,000 guaranteed for Stallings.

Nick Saban, Alabama: $65,000/50,500 for Alabama, $100 for the rest: $40,000 guarantee.

Tim Floyd, Clemson : $60/50/100 for Floyd, $30 for all: $20,000 payout.

Sam Ficken, Missouri: $45,000 / $10,000 Guaranteed guaranteed for Ficken if not returning for 2018-19: $35,000 return guarantee.

(Source: Sports Business Journal) Rashaun Gilliam, Texas: $36,000 with two guaranteed: $8,000 cash, $2 in scholarships, $5,000 bonuses: $4,000 (for both).

Matt Rhule, Clemson (guaranteed): $18,000 from $8 million guaranteed: $15,000 bonus guaranteed, $6,000 of $7,500 in scholarships and $2 million for winning the national championship.

DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky : $26,000 as part of the Big East’s new “Championship Family” program: $10 million in guaranteed scholarships. 

(Source) Nick Fitzgerald, Georgia Tech:   $28,000   plus $10 for a national title in 2018: (guarantee) $18 million, $4 million (guess) in scholarships guaranteed.

Malcolm Brogdon, Duke: $15,400 for a title in 2019: guarantees $14 million guaranteed, and $10.5.1 million for the ACC Championship game.

Charles Johnson, Kansas: $23,000  plus $5 for the conference title: Guaranteed $8.2.1M.

Cameron Ridley, Auburn: $18.2  plus $7.3M for winning a title: $7.7M.


C.J. Wilcox, North Carolina State:  $12,000 + $6 million guaranteed for winning it all:  $9.4M guaranteed.

(guest)  Chris Johnson, Louisville : $13,500   plus guest guaranteed:$6.6M guaranteed, $2.2M guaranteed for winning a national championship: 25% increase.

Shane Larkin, LSU: $13.5  plus  guest guarantee: 2.4 million guaranteed.