What is academic poster guidance?

Academic poster guidance (APG) is a set of principles that can guide an institution’s academic mission, policies, procedures and resources, including the use of the term “admissions” in its titles.

APG are designed to guide the use and communication of APS in the academic community and are endorsed by the APS Task Force.

The APS Academic Council supports APS as an important component of the academic mission and the way the profession communicates its work.

APS has a long history of working in collaboration with academic and academic services providers to help ensure that academic resources are available to students, staff and administrators in a timely manner.

APSSA is a professional association of academic organisations (a group of organisations) that provides professional guidance on academic topics including APS, academic poster guidelines and academic guidance.

APSA publishes APS academic poster guides and has developed an online catalogue of academic poster materials.

APSGAD is an association of APSSAdvisory and Consultative Group (ACG) members that provides advice on the administration and oversight of APSGADS policies and procedures.

It provides advice to APSGAS member organisations, as well as academic organisations and service providers, and provides information on its own APSG ADS policies and processes.

This includes information on the APSGAG policy and procedure for dealing with complaints.

APSTG is a service provider association, and APSGST is a member of its membership.

It is responsible for ensuring that academic poster activities are carried out in accordance with APSG guidelines and the APSTAG rules and regulations.

APSL is a national association of student service providers (a sector of the industry) that represents and promotes the interests of students and employers in relation to education.

The Association’s primary mission is to promote the use, management and maintenance of APSL’s services to meet the educational needs of students, the community and the wider society.

APSP is an acronym for Academic Services Poster Policy, APS Admissions Policy, Academic Poster Guide, Academic Guide to the Teaching of the Australian Language, Academic Posters Guide, and Academic Poster Guidelines.

For further information, please contact the APSS Academic Council: The Academic Council – Canberra The APSSAC – Canberra For more information, contact: Professor Jody R. Smith, Lecturer, University of New South Wales, PO Box 903, Melbourne, VIC 2000, Australia Email: [email protected]