How to protect your children from online porn: Experts warn of ‘potential epidemic’

Experts say that the spread of online porn, a key factor in the rise in internet addiction, could be a potential epidemic.They warn that people could fall into a “mimicking porn-induced psychosis” and end up in hospital or prison.They say the dangers are so great that it would be best to make the best of […]

What is academic poster guidance?

Academic poster guidance (APG) is a set of principles that can guide an institution’s academic mission, policies, procedures and resources, including the use of the term “admissions” in its titles.APG are designed to guide the use and communication of APS in the academic community and are endorsed by the APS Task Force.The APS Academic Council […]

Why you should study at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Research on Disability

I’ve been in a mental health crisis for over 10 years and now I’m looking for a way to cope.My mum has had a mental illness for many years and she is not a particularly bright person.My dad is a disabled man who has lost his legs and has been told to live in a […]

Harvard University to add Tiger academic guidance service

The University of Massachusetts Boston will now provide academic guidance services to students as part of a $7.3 million agreement with Tiger Academic Partners.Under the agreement, students will be able to view information about specific courses, instructors and the major they have enrolled in.The university will be offering the services through its online portal and […]

How to read a Bible verse and avoid being a fool

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who hosts a show called The Five, has written a book titled The Bible Verse, and he’s been talking about it since the beginning.In the book, Hannity writes about how many of us have trouble reading a verse, and it can be confusing for a Christian to try and understand it.Here […]

Juventus coach Antonio Conte, Juventus fans ‘outraged’ over Neymar’s comments

Juventus coach Carlo Ancelotti is “outraged” by Neymar having used his recent remarks about him in a pre-match interview to compare the former Barcelona star to the former Real Madrid star.Conte said: “Neymar has been criticised by the public for some comments and that is not good for football.He should be judged on the pitch.”He […]

This crossword puzzle expert has a way with the maths

A teacher at a local primary school has made the best of a tough time.The school, a small community school, has a problem with one of its students being unwell.The teacher, an expert in maths, has been struggling with it for some time, and he’s taken it upon himself to solve it.It turns out that […]

How you can save yourself time and money on your student finance costs

The amount of time you spend studying to become an academic is one of the most important things you can do to save money on tuition fees.But what if you don’t have a financial plan in place?There’s a lot of confusion on how to manage this financial stress, and if you need to go back […]