Vice News looks at how the new college curriculum could benefit students’ lives

Vice News has learned that the College Board is pushing the Obama administration to provide a new version of the College Curriculum for Undergraduate Education.

According to Vice News, the College Boards Educational Policy Committee has been working on this issue for years, and its latest report, issued this week, says that the new curriculum is “critical to our mission.”

“It is critical to the success of this mission that the Department of Education has the tools and the support to support the development of an effective, comprehensive, and accessible college curriculum that reflects the diversity of students and their learning styles,” the report says.

Vice News has reached out to the CollegeBoard for comment.

Vice’s report notes that students and faculty across the country, as well as colleges and universities across the United States, have voiced concerns that the college curriculum is lacking in diversity.

The College Board released a statement to Vice saying that it was not the first organization to address the issues.

“As part of our mission to provide the highest quality learning experiences to students, we are committed to supporting students of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in learning and life.

We work with the college and university leaders who have been developing the college’s college curriculum to help them deliver it to students in the most effective and inclusive way possible,” the statement read.

“We also believe the College has the best interest of its students in mind.”