‘Unrealistic’ students who don’t understand academic guidance: study guide

A new academic guide for young people could help them better prepare for exams.

The National College for Continuing Education (NCCE) has produced a guide for students and parents, to help them make better decisions about where to study.

It includes advice on choosing a course, and gives tips on how to make sure you’re prepared for the exam.

NCCE’s director of teaching and learning, Helen Moore, said: “We believe that making sure young people are prepared to study well is one of the most important things we can do for them.”

Our aim is to make studying easy, engaging and fun for all young people and we want them to do well at school, so we have developed a guide to help guide students through that process.

“What we have in this guide is a guide that has been written by an academic and a professional to help students understand what they should and shouldn’t be looking at.”

It’s designed to be easy for people to use and easy for teachers to understand.

“The guide has a section on ‘what’s in it for you’?

and that’s what we’re trying to provide for parents.”

We want them [students] to be ready to study for the test, but we don’t want them studying in the wrong place, and we also don’t have a list of places that will get you there.

“Ms Moore said that some parents might want to be more specific about what their young person needs to know.

She said: “[Parents] can use the guide to look at what’s in the curriculum they want their young people to study, and to see what they can get out of it, or what they might want from a course.”

When you think about it, parents really need to know what their children need to study and how much they need to spend on their children.”

The guide includes a section for young parents on what it means to study in an academic environment, and how to prepare for the exams.

“It’s also about making sure that you’re getting the support you need,” Ms Moore added.

The NCCE said it was a first step towards “sustainable, high-quality education for all”.

“We think the NCCE has got it right and we hope that other organisations will take note of this important guide and help ensure that our young people get the right support, to make the most of their education.”