University to ask students to answer questions about academic guidance

CNN Students are being asked to answer some questions about a new academic guidance guide, which includes suggestions for how to respond to questions from professors, professors who might not understand the content of the guide, and the students who might be confused.

In a press release, the American University of Beirut said it is changing the way it handles student complaints about academic advising, and students are being directed to answer a questionnaire that is part of the revised guide.

Students have until the end of May to provide the questions and answer answers they feel will help the university determine how best to respond.

“We are seeking input from our students and community members in an effort to provide a comprehensive and accessible guide that will help students navigate the many complex issues that arise from advising,” the university said in the press release.

“As part of our process of developing this guide, we are providing a public survey to help guide us in designing the best ways to handle these complex issues.”

The university is asking students to fill out the survey from March 21 to April 3 and provide their name, email address and phone number.

If the survey is completed, students will be required to provide information about the questions, answers, and explanations they have found helpful.

Students are also being asked about the specific issues that they find most confusing.

“The new guide addresses a number of common concerns that students have about advising and its content,” the school said.

“We have addressed some of the most common concerns about advising with the new guide and will continue to work with the student community to further improve the guide.”

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