University of Tamil Nadu suspends course on ‘social justice’

Tamil Nadu University has suspended its four-year-old social justice course due to “unacceptable” content.

According to the student newspaper, the University of Chennai (UTN) has notified that the course will be discontinued after a survey conducted by a faculty member found that the syllabus contains some objectionable content.

The student newspaper reported that the university said that “the course has been withdrawn because of unacceptable content” which included “anti-social and anti-woman sentiments” and “hateful views” in the syllabi.

“The course syllabus has been found to contain some objectionable material, including anti-social views, anti-women sentiments, hateful views, and misogynist views,” the newspaper said, adding that “it is our understanding that this material has been taken from the internet.”

The newspaper said that the “distress” was felt by the students and their parents.

“We feel that this course has caused the students immense distress and we are not going to repeat it,” the student paper said, citing a source who was informed of the decision.UTN President K.S. Krishnaswamy said that he will convene a committee to examine the content of the syllabuses.

“The syllabus is the core curriculum of our institution,” Krishnaswsamy said.

“We are committed to the teaching of social justice and we have asked the faculty to take steps to review the syllaboars and take appropriate corrective measures.”

The University of India (UIN) is home to the highest number of Dalits and the lowest number of Muslims in the country, according to a 2013 report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

In October, the UIN suspended its “social justice” course for students from “sensitive communities” because of “unacceptably sexist” content and “anti, anti Hindu sentiments”.

It also said that students from a “non-sensitive” background would be allowed to continue their studies.