Tiger Academic Guidance Program gets free access to new software

Tiger Academic, a cloud-based platform for academic guidance that launched last month, has been awarded a patent for a new version of its academic guidance software, according to a patent filing.

The company has been a pioneer in the cloud computing space, which offers students and faculty access to a vast amount of data, including textbooks, documents, videos, and other content.

The company’s academic guidance platform is free, and Tiger has been able to offer students and their departments a variety of free tools that they can use to improve their work, its founder and CEO, Mike Cavanagh, told TechCrunch.

The new version, Tiger Academic Guide, will also come with additional features.

According to the patent filing, Tiger has patented a new system that will make it easier for students and staff to access the academic guidance of their choosing.

The system will allow students to view and review all the information in their academic guidance catalog, including course content, curriculum materials, and course content summaries.

The system will also allow the student to view, review, and manage all of the student-generated content in the academic guide catalog, as well as the student’s assignments and exams.

Cavanighs told Tech Crunch that the new system will “provide students and instructors with an easy-to-use platform for learning.”

According to Cavanaghs patent filing , the new patent filing was filed on January 28, 2017 and it covers a method for an educational guidance system to identify, store, and store all of an educational guide’s content and metadata, and to retrieve and display this information.

This system will provide students with an “easy-to, user-friendly platform for acquiring and accessing academic guidance content,” according to the filing.

Tiger is not the first cloud-centric platform to make use of a patent filed by its founder.

Earlier this year, Coursera, a university learning platform, and Khan Academy, a content delivery network, also filed patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office for new cloud-focused educational content platforms.