Tiger academic guidance counselor is suing

Tiger academic and guidance counselor Tara Brown is suing a former client, claiming the former client sexually harassed her in an attempt to get her to withdraw money from her bank account.

In her lawsuit, Brown said she was told by her client that “he would never see me again and that if he ever did see me, he would kill me.”

She said the client also told her that if she ever tried to withdraw funds from her account, he “would kill me,” the Washington Post reported.

Brown said she told the client she had already made a choice not to continue to work with him.

She said in her lawsuit that the client continued to “threaten” her by contacting her parents and threatening to report her to law enforcement if she did not withdraw money.

She told the Post that the student also made an attempt on her life and called her father to report it.

According to the Post, Brown is seeking unspecified damages and attorney fees.

The Washington Post has not independently verified the report.

Brown’s lawsuit also alleges that the alleged victim “failed to properly protect her own rights and personal safety,” according to the Washington, D.C., Daily News.

Brown is one of more than 10,000 former and current students and employees of Tiger University to sue the institution in federal court in the past three years.

The University has not responded to The Huffington Post’s request for comment.