The world’s most expensive online tutoring guide

A free online tutorship guide has been found costing almost £1,000 in the UK, according to a report by the Guardian.

The guide, which was written by the organisation TutorUK, features a tutor for £1.99 per hour and includes a guide to learning how to write an essay, as well as quizzes and other practical tasks.

It was written specifically for people who live in areas with high costs of education, according the Guardian report, which claims the tutoring tool is being used by £50 billion a year in the US alone.

TutorUK founder David Lewis, who has also written a guide for the NHS, said the £1-a-hour tutor is a good value for the cost of the tutor.

“I think it’s the only one of its kind on the market in the U.

K,” he said.

“The only thing it does is give you advice, but it’s also very easy to understand and understand, so it’s perfect for people with a lot of different skills, who are looking for advice and can’t get it anywhere else.”

A spokesperson for Tutor UK said the guide would cost just £1 per hour to create, but there were “huge” variations in how much it would cost depending on the specific task you were tasked with.

“This guide can be tailored to a particular person based on the size of their learning and where they live in the country, as you can see from our interactive tutoring calculator,” they said.

The tutor is not available for free on the site, but Tutor has been featured on the Guardian’s homepage in recent weeks.

The UK government has promised to increase the cost and availability of free tutoring for pupils who need it, after a report found that students were costing £6.8 billion a day in education.

The government has also said it would be introducing a free online tutor service in the coming months.