Why Tiger Academic Guidance Skills Need a New Name

TIGER (Photo: AP)It’s a new term: Academic guidance skills.It was once a term used to describe the kind of knowledge that’s important to people who work in the field, but that’s no longer the case.Tiger University has begun a search for a new name for the field.The move came after the AP and other outlets […]

How to Choose the Best Books for Your Student Guide to the World’s Biggest Academies

Posted January 08, 2018 04:02:58 In a world of increasing demand for more online learning and social media, some universities have been pushing to make their student guides more interactive, with students able to choose from the best textbooks for a particular topic or study area.In this article, we’ll take a look at the most […]

Why you should take the tiger academic guide

In a post-Tiger environment, how will academics cope?We asked five academics who worked with Tiger academics to reflect on what the environment has meant for their profession and what it’s like to be a Tiger academic.1.Dr Alistair O’Connor “I used to be an academic and I still am” Dr Alismair O ‘Connor is the managing […]

Tiger Academic Guidance Program gets free access to new software

Tiger Academic, a cloud-based platform for academic guidance that launched last month, has been awarded a patent for a new version of its academic guidance software, according to a patent filing.The company has been a pioneer in the cloud computing space, which offers students and faculty access to a vast amount of data, including textbooks, […]

Tiger academic guidance group to be dissolved

Tiger Academic Guidance Group will be dissolved, the group said on Thursday.The group’s executive director, Jennifer Gentry, said in a statement that she is stepping down from her position.“The Tiger Academic Group will no longer be a part of Tiger,” Gentry said in the statement.“However, I am not leaving the organization, nor am I stepping […]

Which Ethereum is the Most Powerful?

Crypto CoinsNews – January 05, 2018 – Ethereum’s price surged past $10,000 for the first time this year on Tuesday, as the cryptocurrency gained steam.Ethereum’s market capitalization rose to $25.2 billion, up from $17.3 billion last week.The cryptocurrency, which was launched in 2017, has been gaining steam for years and is now a popular way […]

Why a tiger academic guidance course has become the top college credit-granting option

More than 200 colleges have added Tiger Academic Guidance courses to their courses for their 2019-20 academic year, according to the Education Department’s website.The colleges will offer Tiger courses through the fall.“Students who have the opportunity to earn their degree from an accredited university and enroll in a Tiger academic guidance program are a very […]

How to write the perfect academic guidance note for the tiger

I am an academic guidance counsellor, or TA, at a large private university in New South Wales, Australia.I work with students, and I can tell you that a good advice note is a must.I don’t want to write an academic letter that is only intended for my students.It has to be a guide for them […]

How to use the ‘academic warning’ to stop students taking up academic advice

An article advising students to “keep their head down” on the subject of academic advice from their professors is being withdrawn from the syllabus in some Australian universities, prompting a warning to teachers that students may be taking up their professor’s advice.The Federal Government’s Office of Education has decided to change the guidance on the […]