How to Choose the Best Books for Your Student Guide to the World’s Biggest Academies

Posted January 08, 2018 04:02:58 In a world of increasing demand for more online learning and social media, some universities have been pushing to make their student guides more interactive, with students able to choose from the best textbooks for a particular topic or study area.In this article, we’ll take a look at the most […]

When you need to know the difference between academic guidance and academic guidance group

Written by Sarah Dutton, senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union, academic guidance means that academic institutions are required to provide free access to their student records.If you want to see what this means, you need only scroll down and read the section on academic guidance.If you’re still confused about this, we’ve pulled […]

How to use your mobile app to check for academic guidance

There are many ways to use the University of Alabama’s Mobile Academic Resource Center (MAPR) to check whether or not your course material is covered by the university’s academic guidance guidelines.If you are unsure about the quality of the information, or if you need more guidance, this is a good place to start.It can also […]

Which college football coaches are in the best shape for 2017?

The first round of the college football coaching search continues to be dominated by the Heisman Trophy race, with the candidates vying for a spot in the final.But in a recent article on The College Football Writers Association, we found the best of the best, who are the best for the next round of search.ESPN’s […]

Students at Delhi University will soon have access to an academic guidance programme

Debuts of the programme, called Academic Guide for all, will be rolled out to students in all universities in the Delhi University system.The initiative was launched on Thursday, after the government issued directions to all state governments to start providing academic guidance services to students.In a notification, the Centre has given directions for all state […]

Academic poster guidance is a good idea, says professor

Academic poster guides can help people who are struggling with research projects and are working through difficult research experiences.The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Survey of Educational Attainment (NSEA) found that in 2014, only 11% of people aged 16 years and over who were employed were able to find a research project that suited their […]

Which Ethereum is the Most Powerful?

Crypto CoinsNews – January 05, 2018 – Ethereum’s price surged past $10,000 for the first time this year on Tuesday, as the cryptocurrency gained steam.Ethereum’s market capitalization rose to $25.2 billion, up from $17.3 billion last week.The cryptocurrency, which was launched in 2017, has been gaining steam for years and is now a popular way […]

When the best academic advisers don’t speak your language

Students from all over the country will be receiving college-level academic guidance from the nation’s top academic advisers on Thursday, but only in English.The task force’s recommendations include establishing a standardized version of the College English and Academic English (CEOE) coursework in all public colleges and universities to be offered to all students by 2021.It […]

How to write your college essay

By Molly CrabappleAuthor Molly Crabappes her college essay guide to college essays, covering topics like how to craft a compelling narrative, the importance of writing about the people you meet, how to write about topics that are hard to understand, and how to avoid over-analyzing.Crabapple has written a book on the subject called College Essay: […]