How to protect your children from online porn: Experts warn of ‘potential epidemic’

Experts say that the spread of online porn, a key factor in the rise in internet addiction, could be a potential epidemic.They warn that people could fall into a “mimicking porn-induced psychosis” and end up in hospital or prison.They say the dangers are so great that it would be best to make the best of […]

Why ‘academic prophetic guidance’ is so powerful

NPR | August 13, 2018 A new academic guidance book that claims to give academic researchers “academic leadership” and “academically prophetic guidance” is giving academic researchers new ammunition to criticize the field.“Academic prophetic advice” is a term coined by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to describe a book that provides academic leaders […]

Why you should study at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Research on Disability

I’ve been in a mental health crisis for over 10 years and now I’m looking for a way to cope.My mum has had a mental illness for many years and she is not a particularly bright person.My dad is a disabled man who has lost his legs and has been told to live in a […]

How to Get Rid of the Religious Left

The Left is a dangerous and divisive force.The Left has infiltrated all levels of our society and, more broadly, all walks of life, from the political establishment to the corporate world.The left has no monopoly on evil.Its influence is no longer confined to the realm of politics, but has reached into the realm as well.This […]

Juventus coach Antonio Conte, Juventus fans ‘outraged’ over Neymar’s comments

Juventus coach Carlo Ancelotti is “outraged” by Neymar having used his recent remarks about him in a pre-match interview to compare the former Barcelona star to the former Real Madrid star.Conte said: “Neymar has been criticised by the public for some comments and that is not good for football.He should be judged on the pitch.”He […]

How to Use Academic Guidance on Your Trip to the U.S.

By now you should be able to see that there are two kinds of advice I get on trips to the United States: academic guidance and academic poster guidance.Academic guidance is the kind I use when I’m traveling, when I want to make sure I understand my options and what to expect, and when I […]

How to Avoid Being Drowned in Your Own Academic Guidebook

What are the most important academic guidance and resource books to read and how can you avoid drowning in them? If you’ve been struggling to decide, here’s a look at what to read in order to maximize your chances of staying on track. A Guide to Academic Guidance for Academics is by far the most widely read […]

“Feds’ plan to use drones to ‘strike’ ISIS ‘isn’t real’ and could create unintended consequences,” by Katherine Pfluger, The Washington Post’s editorial board

The federal government has unveiled plans to use small unmanned aircraft to “strike” ISIS “isn”t real” and could cause unintended consequences.In a briefing for Congress on Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) outlined the proposed guidelines to be issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Federal Aviation Administration […]

How To Use the Academic Guidance Services of Your State’s Colleges and Universities

Academic guidance services vary widely in the United States.There are academic guidance services available from some schools, and some colleges provide a free academic guidance service.If you’re looking to get your work done, however, you’ll want to consider the academic guidance resources you can find in your state.Academic guidance from your state may differ in […]