‘Academic life advice for women and children’: A review

A review of the literature on the role of academic guidance in education and social support is in order, given that the literature is far from clear on the relevance of this advice in the context of women and the family.We need to know if this advice is effective in providing the necessary support to […]

How much do you know about the academic job market?

Academic guidance and academic life guidance are often referred to as “academic careers” and have become the key terms in the field of career advice.While these titles are not synonymous, they can be used interchangeably.Academic guidance is what the job seeker needs to understand the professional obligations of their position, the benefits of their education […]

How to get a job as an academic poster in the UK

More than 2,500 academics have taken the LSAT, with some finding that it’s the easiest way to advance their career.And while some may prefer to spend their time at home, a survey of over 2,000 academics found that the LSAC – the UK’s top exam provider – is still the most popular method of employment.The […]

What to read next: The 10 best academic guidance books from 2015

On the surface, there are a number of books to choose from when it comes to advising students on the intricacies of their academic life.From the title, you might assume that they are geared towards preparing students for the world of work, but they are more often geared towards helping students navigate a career path, […]

What’s the difference between academic guidance and academic life guidance?

The academic guidance field is a large, complex area of the curriculum, but it is not the same thing as academic life advice.It refers to what students are expected to learn from their courses.It includes topics such as: academic preparation, the importance of a strong academic track record, and whether a student should be allowed […]

How to handle college sexual misconduct: Tips for dealing with your college sexual assault case

More than two years ago, the American Psychological Association published guidelines that called for colleges to require students to report suspected sexual misconduct and harassment to the university.The guidelines, released in May 2016, were criticized by activists for being too vague.They urged colleges to be more specific in how they would handle sexual assault cases […]

The world’s most expensive online tutoring guide

A free online tutorship guide has been found costing almost £1,000 in the UK, according to a report by the Guardian.The guide, which was written by the organisation TutorUK, features a tutor for £1.99 per hour and includes a guide to learning how to write an essay, as well as quizzes and other practical tasks.It […]

Harvard University releases new academic guidance, training, guidance for students and faculty

By JOSH BRADY and ROBERT J. BERNSTEINAssociated PressHARRISBURG, Pa.(AP) — Harvard University has released new academic and career guidance for graduate and undergraduate students and instructors.The new guidelines, which go into effect Feb. 1, outline the role of academic advisers, graduate assistants, postdoctoral fellows and research assistants.They also outline how students, faculty and graduate students […]

How to make academic life easier

How to do a little academic life guidance.The BBC’s Academic Life guide is packed with helpful resources to help you with your academic life.What is academic life?Academic life is the process of helping people to learn and develop, with academic activities often linked to academic work.It involves teaching, mentoring and advising.The main aim of academic […]

How to write your college essay

By Molly CrabappleAuthor Molly Crabappes her college essay guide to college essays, covering topics like how to craft a compelling narrative, the importance of writing about the people you meet, how to write about topics that are hard to understand, and how to avoid over-analyzing.Crabapple has written a book on the subject called College Essay: […]