What academic guidance counselors teach at UK universities

In a major academic overhaul, the University of Sussex (UK) has announced that its guidance counsellors will be taught as full-time staff rather than temporary positions.The move, which is expected to boost the pay of its 1,300 full- and part-time advisers, is being made to address concerns about staffing levels.The changes will come into effect […]

How to write a ‘free education’ essay

In 2017, a federal parliamentary inquiry into funding arrangements for universities concluded that “academic freedom” was a crucial ingredient to a truly free education.For many Australian students, this has meant that they will often choose to complete their degrees before they finish their education, but it also means that they have to pay a high […]

Who is the ‘Greatest’ Professor?

More than 60 academics have signed a letter calling for the appointment of a Dame Margaret Mead as the first female professor of the Royal Society of Arts.The academics, who are backed by former prime minister Tony Blair, have called for the institution to consider the appointment following reports that Mead is not qualified to […]

Harvard University to add Tiger academic guidance service

The University of Massachusetts Boston will now provide academic guidance services to students as part of a $7.3 million agreement with Tiger Academic Partners.Under the agreement, students will be able to view information about specific courses, instructors and the major they have enrolled in.The university will be offering the services through its online portal and […]

How to Use Academic Guidance on Your Trip to the U.S.

By now you should be able to see that there are two kinds of advice I get on trips to the United States: academic guidance and academic poster guidance.Academic guidance is the kind I use when I’m traveling, when I want to make sure I understand my options and what to expect, and when I […]

How to tell if a teacher is teaching your child about their own rights

I know that some people are scared of teachers, and I know some people fear them, and that fear is misplaced.I am afraid of teachers.I’m afraid that teachers have the power to hurt and kill.I have a fear of teachers who don’t have the authority to protect my kids, but also, I’m sure, some teachers […]

What does the university’s ‘Academic Guidance Programme’ do?

The university’s “Academic Guided Education” programme aims to “guidance the students in the course of their study and training by providing information and support to enable them to do their best”.The scheme is the brainchild of Dr Chris Jones, the chief executive of the University of Melbourne.He was speaking at the launch of the initiative, […]

Why college students need to know the academic guidance curriculum in 2018

A recent study by the College Board suggests that some colleges and universities are taking advantage of a new generation of students and are putting them in the position of deciding what curriculum will help them thrive in college.The study is titled “College students need the academic help of academic guidance to thrive in the […]

What you need to know about the ‘Academic Guide to Academic Quotes’

Academic guide to academic quotes article Academics are the most important people in our world and the people who tell us what to think and how to act.The way they write their opinions about themselves and the world around them is the source of our opinions about the world and each other.The Academic Guide to […]

This is how students learn to write for the AP exam

Writing is a valuable skill for students to develop and gain the confidence to publish their work, but not all writers are equipped to do so, a new report has found.The AP has been encouraging students to improve their writing skills, with some courses even requiring students to write in the class’s final exam.But what […]