How to protect your children from online porn: Experts warn of ‘potential epidemic’

Experts say that the spread of online porn, a key factor in the rise in internet addiction, could be a potential epidemic.They warn that people could fall into a “mimicking porn-induced psychosis” and end up in hospital or prison.They say the dangers are so great that it would be best to make the best of […]

Why you should study at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Research on Disability

I’ve been in a mental health crisis for over 10 years and now I’m looking for a way to cope.My mum has had a mental illness for many years and she is not a particularly bright person.My dad is a disabled man who has lost his legs and has been told to live in a […]

The American Tory: The Conservative Case for Education

Conservatives often talk about the importance of free markets, and rightly so, but the truth is that education and training can only be delivered by government.It’s true that education is important, but government is the only employer who can afford to provide it.So why is government so powerful and so powerful?Because government has the power […]

This crossword puzzle expert has a way with the maths

A teacher at a local primary school has made the best of a tough time.The school, a small community school, has a problem with one of its students being unwell.The teacher, an expert in maths, has been struggling with it for some time, and he’s taken it upon himself to solve it.It turns out that […]

How to avoid a potentially deadly medical diagnosis

It can be tough to find the right doctor for a patient with a medical condition, but there’s a simple way to get your medical information out there without feeling rushed.Article 4 of the National Institutes of Health’s guidance on medical guidance states, “The individual should seek and obtain the advice and assistance of knowledgeable […]

Crossword puzzle specialist offers guidance to new students

A popular crossword puzzle brand offering advice on studying for exams has become a popular crosswords tutor, offering guidance on learning the crossword puzzles that students often need to know to pass.Crossword Puzzle’s newest partner, which started offering online quizzes in May, was founded by an academic who has been tutoring students in a number […]

When will the ‘Academic Guidance’ rule go into effect?

With more than 20 million people using the internet daily, students and teachers across the world are faced with a host of online questions and tasks each day.Some students are learning how to read the internet, but there is no guarantee they will be able to solve all of these questions and answers.That’s why it […]

How to write the perfect academic guidance note for the tiger

I am an academic guidance counsellor, or TA, at a large private university in New South Wales, Australia.I work with students, and I can tell you that a good advice note is a must.I don’t want to write an academic letter that is only intended for my students.It has to be a guide for them […]