How to protect your children from online porn: Experts warn of ‘potential epidemic’

Experts say that the spread of online porn, a key factor in the rise in internet addiction, could be a potential epidemic.They warn that people could fall into a “mimicking porn-induced psychosis” and end up in hospital or prison.They say the dangers are so great that it would be best to make the best of […]

“We’ve seen the beginning of the end for women in STEM”

We’ve seen some amazing strides in women’s representation in STEM, but that progress is being slowed by a lot of systemic issues that disproportionately affect women of color and people of color of color.As a result, there are a lot more men than women in the STEM workforce and, especially for the younger generation, that […]

University to ask students to answer questions about academic guidance

CNN Students are being asked to answer some questions about a new academic guidance guide, which includes suggestions for how to respond to questions from professors, professors who might not understand the content of the guide, and the students who might be confused.In a press release, the American University of Beirut said it is changing […]

Tiger academic guidance counselor is suing

Tiger academic and guidance counselor Tara Brown is suing a former client, claiming the former client sexually harassed her in an attempt to get her to withdraw money from her bank account.In her lawsuit, Brown said she was told by her client that “he would never see me again and that if he ever did […]

How do you get good academic guidance?

Academic guidance is a key element of any university’s academic strategy.However, the guidance that’s most useful to students and their families is not always clear, and can be confusing.The advice you need to be able to understand the details of the advice is the same whether you are a student, a parent, a staff member, […]

How to get a high grade in your exams

Students who fail their exams will get a warning, with the college and university having to pay Rs 50,000 for the first offence and Rs 40,000 after two, for three and four years.The colleges and universities will have to pay a further Rs 1 lakh for each offence.Students who do not pass their examinations can […]

How to make sure you’re reading and listening to the right stuff at the right time—and keeping your kids safe online

The Internet is the playground of the world, and its creators are constantly trying to improve it.From YouTube to social media platforms like Facebook, people are using it to create and share content.But in some places, like the U.S., the content is even more dangerous than the apps.Here’s how to make a child safer online.

The academic guidance business: How to sell a new product or service to the academic world

Education is a booming business.That’s why it’s so important to be able to understand how to sell your product or services to academics, says Kavita Chawla, author of the book The Academic Guide to Marketing: The Basics.And with the proliferation of online classes and online courses, academics are eager to learn about your products and […]

How to Avoid Being Drowned in Your Own Academic Guidebook

What are the most important academic guidance and resource books to read and how can you avoid drowning in them? If you’ve been struggling to decide, here’s a look at what to read in order to maximize your chances of staying on track. A Guide to Academic Guidance for Academics is by far the most widely read […]