How To Use the Academic Guidance Services of Your State’s Colleges and Universities

Academic guidance services vary widely in the United States.There are academic guidance services available from some schools, and some colleges provide a free academic guidance service.If you’re looking to get your work done, however, you’ll want to consider the academic guidance resources you can find in your state.Academic guidance from your state may differ in […]

When is academic guidance counselling available?

The Academic Guidance Programme (AGP) is currently available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.It is funded by the Department for Education, Skills and Universities.Its aim is to provide guidance for academic guidance for students who have concerns about their academic progress.Students are able to choose a guidance counsellor who is trained to offer these services.There […]

Why college students need to know the academic guidance curriculum in 2018

A recent study by the College Board suggests that some colleges and universities are taking advantage of a new generation of students and are putting them in the position of deciding what curriculum will help them thrive in college.The study is titled “College students need the academic help of academic guidance to thrive in the […]

‘Beware of Academics’: Academic Citing Credibility and Academic Fraud

Credentialed academic advice, academic guidance, academic writing guidance and academic writing syllabi are the subject of a new article published online in the journal Advances in Educational Technology (AET) by researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIC), Northwestern University, and the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES).They report finding that the credibility of […]

When you need to know the difference between academic guidance and academic guidance group

Written by Sarah Dutton, senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union, academic guidance means that academic institutions are required to provide free access to their student records.If you want to see what this means, you need only scroll down and read the section on academic guidance.If you’re still confused about this, we’ve pulled […]

This is how students learn to write for the AP exam

Writing is a valuable skill for students to develop and gain the confidence to publish their work, but not all writers are equipped to do so, a new report has found.The AP has been encouraging students to improve their writing skills, with some courses even requiring students to write in the class’s final exam.But what […]

Why you should take the tiger academic guide

In a post-Tiger environment, how will academics cope?We asked five academics who worked with Tiger academics to reflect on what the environment has meant for their profession and what it’s like to be a Tiger academic.1.Dr Alistair O’Connor “I used to be an academic and I still am” Dr Alismair O ‘Connor is the managing […]

The difference between ‘tactical’ and ‘academic’

By David WrightESPN Staff Writer March 25, 2020 12:00:00A great deal of academic writing is meant to convey the meaning of ideas, not just what the author believes is the truth.It is important for students to understand the difference between tactical and academic writing, especially as the writing profession is expected to be one of […]

How to avoid the “Academic Guidance Group” scam

Academic guidance group (AGG) is a scam that uses the same basic trick that is used by the “academic counseling group” scam.The difference between the two is that the ADG scam requires the user to pay for the counseling, while the academic guidance scam doesn’t.The scam is particularly common because of the way the ADGs […]