‘Academic life advice for women and children’: A review

A review of the literature on the role of academic guidance in education and social support is in order, given that the literature is far from clear on the relevance of this advice in the context of women and the family.We need to know if this advice is effective in providing the necessary support to […]

When is academic guidance counselling available?

The Academic Guidance Programme (AGP) is currently available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.It is funded by the Department for Education, Skills and Universities.Its aim is to provide guidance for academic guidance for students who have concerns about their academic progress.Students are able to choose a guidance counsellor who is trained to offer these services.There […]

When you’re teaching your child, a ‘safe space’ may be the best option

Ars Technic article Posted May 08, 2019 07:54:33It’s been said many times, but it’s worth repeating: A safe space for your child is the best place for them to learn.It’s a place where they can escape the world and find a sense of belonging.You want them to be learning in a safe environment where they […]

How to Choose the Best Books for Your Student Guide to the World’s Biggest Academies

Posted January 08, 2018 04:02:58 In a world of increasing demand for more online learning and social media, some universities have been pushing to make their student guides more interactive, with students able to choose from the best textbooks for a particular topic or study area.In this article, we’ll take a look at the most […]

This is how students learn to write for the AP exam

Writing is a valuable skill for students to develop and gain the confidence to publish their work, but not all writers are equipped to do so, a new report has found.The AP has been encouraging students to improve their writing skills, with some courses even requiring students to write in the class’s final exam.But what […]

Academic Guidance PDFs for Academic Counselors

PDF The Academic Guideline is a comprehensive guide to academic guidance and resources, covering topics such as: how to get help with your homework; how to plan your study; what to expect at the school; what happens when you get expelled; how you can use your time and resources to advance your career; and much […]

What to read next: The 10 best academic guidance books from 2015

On the surface, there are a number of books to choose from when it comes to advising students on the intricacies of their academic life.From the title, you might assume that they are geared towards preparing students for the world of work, but they are more often geared towards helping students navigate a career path, […]

Tiger academic guidance group to be dissolved

Tiger Academic Guidance Group will be dissolved, the group said on Thursday.The group’s executive director, Jennifer Gentry, said in a statement that she is stepping down from her position.“The Tiger Academic Group will no longer be a part of Tiger,” Gentry said in the statement.“However, I am not leaving the organization, nor am I stepping […]

How to Make Your Academic Guidance Skills Grow by 20%

An academic guidance class, as well as a variety of tutoring classes, are helping students succeed in the classroom, says University of Arizona psychologist Sarah McNeill.But when it comes to teaching and learning, McNeill says the most effective way to help students excel in academics is by getting them to understand that the way they […]