How To Use the Academic Guidance Services of Your State’s Colleges and Universities

Academic guidance services vary widely in the United States.There are academic guidance services available from some schools, and some colleges provide a free academic guidance service.If you’re looking to get your work done, however, you’ll want to consider the academic guidance resources you can find in your state.Academic guidance from your state may differ in […]

Which college is best for your needs?

The college that best fits your needs and goals isn’t necessarily the best for you.The question of whether to go to college is one of the most difficult ones you’ll ever face, and there are some schools that are the best and most flexible, but there are also schools that just aren’t for everyone.Some schools […]

When you need to know the difference between academic guidance and academic guidance group

Written by Sarah Dutton, senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union, academic guidance means that academic institutions are required to provide free access to their student records.If you want to see what this means, you need only scroll down and read the section on academic guidance.If you’re still confused about this, we’ve pulled […]

How to use the ‘Academic Guidance Programme’

The Academic Guidance programme was created in 2008 to provide students with advice on the academic life, career choices, and life choices in general.“Academic guidance is the guidance given by your teachers or your college or university on the best course of study or research,” reads a brochure.The aim is to help students understand how […]

How to use the NFLPA’s academic guidance service

The NFLPA academic guidance group (AGG) has released a new service called Academic Guidance, which is designed to help students navigate the academic landscape of the NFL.The service includes a range of resources that will help students plan their studies, navigate the college entrance exam process, and understand how to get a job in the […]

How to avoid a potentially deadly medical diagnosis

It can be tough to find the right doctor for a patient with a medical condition, but there’s a simple way to get your medical information out there without feeling rushed.Article 4 of the National Institutes of Health’s guidance on medical guidance states, “The individual should seek and obtain the advice and assistance of knowledgeable […]

How a Religious Right Activist Went From Academic Leadership to the Supreme Court

By now, you probably know that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a prominent advocate for marriage equality in the 1990s, but you probably don’t know that he was also an academic.Thomas wrote a book called What Marriage Means, which was published by Harvard Law School in 2001.It was titled The Marriage of Two Worlds, […]

Which college football coaches are in the best shape for 2017?

The first round of the college football coaching search continues to be dominated by the Heisman Trophy race, with the candidates vying for a spot in the final.But in a recent article on The College Football Writers Association, we found the best of the best, who are the best for the next round of search.ESPN’s […]

How to avoid the “Academic Guidance Group” scam

Academic guidance group (AGG) is a scam that uses the same basic trick that is used by the “academic counseling group” scam.The difference between the two is that the ADG scam requires the user to pay for the counseling, while the academic guidance scam doesn’t.The scam is particularly common because of the way the ADGs […]