When is academic guidance counselling available?

The Academic Guidance Programme (AGP) is currently available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.It is funded by the Department for Education, Skills and Universities.Its aim is to provide guidance for academic guidance for students who have concerns about their academic progress.Students are able to choose a guidance counsellor who is trained to offer these services.There […]

How academic guidance counselors can make it easier to help students graduate

Students are often confused about how to get their degree.Many feel confused about when to enroll, when to finish, and when to graduate.But how do you know if you are getting the right help?This article offers practical guidance on getting your degree and other topics.You can also check out our article on how to prepare […]

Which college is best for your needs?

The college that best fits your needs and goals isn’t necessarily the best for you.The question of whether to go to college is one of the most difficult ones you’ll ever face, and there are some schools that are the best and most flexible, but there are also schools that just aren’t for everyone.Some schools […]

What do academics need to know about teaching in England?

Academic guidance counsellors in England have an opportunity to improve students’ knowledge and skills, improve student achievement and improve their overall quality of life.Universities and colleges offer many different types of academic guidance, but there are no compulsory academic guidance courses in England.They are available to students through the Department of Education’s College Guide.Here are […]

When you’re teaching your child, a ‘safe space’ may be the best option

Ars Technic article Posted May 08, 2019 07:54:33It’s been said many times, but it’s worth repeating: A safe space for your child is the best place for them to learn.It’s a place where they can escape the world and find a sense of belonging.You want them to be learning in a safe environment where they […]

Academic Guidance PDFs for Academic Counselors

PDF The Academic Guideline is a comprehensive guide to academic guidance and resources, covering topics such as: how to get help with your homework; how to plan your study; what to expect at the school; what happens when you get expelled; how you can use your time and resources to advance your career; and much […]

What to do if you’ve been bullied at school

A poster guide to helping you deal with bullying, which will help you deal better with bullying from other students.Source BBC Sport article A student who is bullied at work may need to find an academic adviser who can advise them on how to deal with the issues that come up.This will include how to […]

How to avoid being ‘outed’ as transgender

By Katie Pascale, BBC News (US) title Gender dysphoria can cause a range of symptoms and conditions, but is it a legitimate diagnosis?article By Laura Williams, BBC Health and Medical editor (US, Canada) title ‘I’ve been bullied for years’: Transgender students explain their experience of being bullied in schools article By Jessica Blanchard, Guardian (UK, […]

How to avoid the “Academic Guidance Group” scam

Academic guidance group (AGG) is a scam that uses the same basic trick that is used by the “academic counseling group” scam.The difference between the two is that the ADG scam requires the user to pay for the counseling, while the academic guidance scam doesn’t.The scam is particularly common because of the way the ADGs […]

How to handle college sexual misconduct: Tips for dealing with your college sexual assault case

More than two years ago, the American Psychological Association published guidelines that called for colleges to require students to report suspected sexual misconduct and harassment to the university.The guidelines, released in May 2016, were criticized by activists for being too vague.They urged colleges to be more specific in how they would handle sexual assault cases […]