Students at Delhi University will soon have access to an academic guidance programme

Debuts of the programme, called Academic Guide for all, will be rolled out to students in all universities in the Delhi University system.

The initiative was launched on Thursday, after the government issued directions to all state governments to start providing academic guidance services to students.

In a notification, the Centre has given directions for all state government to make available academic guidance service through the Office of the Registrar.

It also said that students who have been offered academic guidance through the programme will be able to access it from the first day of classes in the next academic year.

The department head, Prof Rakesh Bhadrakumar, said that the aim of the initiative is to give all students access to academic guidance, as a way to make it a safer and better learning experience for them.

“Students will have access through the educational system to a platform where they can obtain practical knowledge, as well as to support them in their studies.

Academic Guide will be an integral part of the academic system,” he said.

According to a study conducted by a leading university, the average score on the National Assessment Test (NAT) for students in Delhi University’s College of Science and Technology was 28,874 in 2015-16.

In 2015-2016, the score was 30,974.

The Delhi University administration has also set a target of bringing the national average score of students to 30,000 for the upcoming academic year, which will include the final of the exam.