New school to replace high school for new students

TechRadars sister site, TechRadAR, has revealed the opening of the first high school to offer academic guidance in the UK, which will replace the existing high school in London’s Docklands.

The new school, called ‘Towards the Future’, will open in March 2019.

Students will be offered an optional one-year course, but will not have to complete it, and will be expected to pass an exam to complete the course.

It will also be open to all other students in the same local authority area.

‘TOWERS FUTURE’ The school is being built in partnership with the Department for Education, which runs schools and colleges in London.

It replaces the existing High School for Young People (HSTP) which has been in use since 2014.

Students at the current school can choose between a one- and two-year diploma, and are not required to complete a full degree.

The Department for Schools said it wanted to make sure the new school was ‘truly inclusive’.

‘The new school will be run by the Department of Education, so that it is a genuinely inclusive, inclusive and welcoming school.

‘As we’re not a government-run school, we want to make that as clear as possible,’ a spokesman told TechRadarradar.

‘We want to build a school that is truly inclusive and supportive of all students, and we want it to be a school for all students.’

‘FIT AND STRENGTH’ The new high school will replace HSTP in its new location, and the government has promised to give the new institution a ‘firm, robust and strong’ identity.

‘In addition to a rigorous course load and rigorous testing, students will have access to a library, the National Health Service, and access to the new and expanded health service network,’ the spokesman added.

‘The school will also offer support for students in other learning environments, including at university.’

‘A strong and diverse body of learning’ ‘We know that the school will bring new life to the city of London and the surrounding areas, but also to the wider community, by delivering a more inclusive learning environment, and by supporting and supporting students who are not part of the traditional high school model,’ he said.

‘This new high-quality, fully inclusive and inclusive education is aimed at helping young people reach their full potential.’

The school will come up against some hurdles before it can open, however, as the Department has yet to announce its curriculum.

‘Currently, the curriculum is not in place for us to make a final decision on whether it is appropriate to run,’ a spokesperson told Techradarradarr.

‘However, we recognise that the work that the Department and our partners have done has been well received by parents, and have been positive and constructive.

‘There is a high demand for the course, which the new high schools team is committed to delivering and we are confident that it will meet the needs of students and the community.’

The department is now reviewing the curriculum, and hopes to finalise it before the end of the year.

‘A key element of the new curriculum is the emphasis on the integration of the social and cultural dimensions of learning, and on providing a framework for teaching and learning that supports the development of critical thinking and creative thinking,’ the spokesperson added.

The ‘Fittest and Strongest’ school will provide an alternative to HSTPs existing two-level curriculum, which is designed to help students integrate social and political issues.

It is expected to start offering a degree this summer.