How to make your school look great with Google Maps

Students may be confused about where to start with the new Google Maps app, and they’re not alone.

Google’s new Maps app has an obvious theme of “education”.

Google says that this is because it is a “bigger data-driven” app, with data that spans across a broader range of activities and knowledge, than the previous Maps app.

The app now also includes a new “Educational” tab.

Here, you can see the categories for different types of activities.

There are now also badges for each type of activity, along with “Explore” and “Go”.

This has all the hallmarks of a Google-led educational app, which is something that will be a real challenge to integrate into existing curricula.

Google also announced that Google Cloud will be the primary provider of content for the new app.

That means that, instead of the usual “download” or “upload” links for the content, users will now be able to “download from Google Cloud and have it automatically delivered to their device”.

Google will also provide an “Educator Kit” which will provide “a range of tools and resources to help you with your learning experiences”.

This will help teachers, parents, and students learn from each other and from Google’s own maps. 

The app is expected to launch in the UK by the end of the year.

Google is now in talks with schools across the country about the new maps app, as well as local authorities. 

For more information on the new Maps apps, including what you need to know about the app, visit Google’s website.