How to help an academic guidance counselor cope with a tiger

When you call an academic advice counselor to speak with her about a job interview, it’s important to give her a heads up that you’re a tiger.

This is important, as she’s a trained animal.

As such, it is best to talk about your thoughts and feelings about the job, not your specific qualifications.

In the video below, Tara and her husband talk about how they manage their tiger job interview.

They share how to handle the stress of the job interview and how they handle the anxiety of not knowing if they can find the right fit.

If you need help dealing with your tiger job, the best thing you can do is listen.

They’re experts in the field, and their stories will be helpful.

They’ve been through the job search process themselves and will share the process that helped them.

You can reach out to them directly at [email protected]

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