How to get a high grade in your exams

Students who fail their exams will get a warning, with the college and university having to pay Rs 50,000 for the first offence and Rs 40,000 after two, for three and four years.

The colleges and universities will have to pay a further Rs 1 lakh for each offence.

Students who do not pass their examinations can get a fine of Rs 50 lakh.

The students who fail the exam will get the same penalty as those who fail.

The guidelines are meant to be followed by all students who are expected to get an academic qualification in their lifetime.

But the college/university does not have to do anything.

It is merely asking the students to make their own way, which means they will have no recourse against the college.

“In case of failure, the college or university will pay a fine for a minimum of Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 2 lakh for a maximum of Rs 5 lakh,” the guidelines said.

The college/U in question will have a case officer to supervise the exam.

The department of education has been asked to provide the guidelines.

“We have asked the department of higher education to provide guidelines for students and colleges.

The government has provided the guidance,” said a source in the ministry of human resource development.

But in a recent interview, the department’s secretary, R.K. Sharma, had said the department was not in a position to provide guidance.

“The college and the university will have an expert who will have the final say on the issue,” Sharma had said.

A student’s parent or guardian can also file a petition with the high court challenging the guidelines and the college can ask the government to order an inquiry.

“If the college doesn’t follow the guidelines, the student will have recourse against it,” the source said.

In a letter to the Supreme Court, a senior government official had said that the guidelines are a matter of state regulation and the government has no involvement in it.

The source said that if the guidelines were given, the government would take cognisance of any violation of it.

“It will be the college that is in a predicament and the students will have access to a law firm,” the senior official said.

Students have said the government is making no effort to enforce the guidelines despite being asked to do so by the apex court.

“Even though the guidelines have been issued, we haven’t heard anything from the government on enforcement,” said K.A. Venugopal, a student at a private university.

“Students have been demanding that the government make sure that colleges follow the rules.

They should be enforcing the guidelines instead of making them mandatory,” he added.