How to avoid being ‘outed’ as transgender

By Katie Pascale, BBC News (US) title Gender dysphoria can cause a range of symptoms and conditions, but is it a legitimate diagnosis?

article By Laura Williams, BBC Health and Medical editor (US, Canada) title ‘I’ve been bullied for years’: Transgender students explain their experience of being bullied in schools article By Jessica Blanchard, Guardian (UK, Canada, Australia) title The ‘bullying’ of transgender students article By Rachel Wilson, BBC (US and Canada) headline ‘Bullying is real’: Transgender children face bullying in schools (Video) article By Michaela Lopes, BBC Australia (US/Canada) title Bullying of transgender kids in schools: ‘Bullies are real’ article By David Smith, BBC Education correspondent (UK/Canada, Australia, New Zealand) title Transgender teens ‘feared’ for their safety as they leave school article By Lauren Smith, ABC News (Australia) title Trans students face bullying at school article