Crossword puzzle specialist offers guidance to new students

A popular crossword puzzle brand offering advice on studying for exams has become a popular crosswords tutor, offering guidance on learning the crossword puzzles that students often need to know to pass.

Crossword Puzzle’s newest partner, which started offering online quizzes in May, was founded by an academic who has been tutoring students in a number of countries including India, India and Pakistan.

“We are trying to educate people about the skills required to do the job,” the brand’s co-founder, Amit Dutta, told Reuters.

He said the brand had more than a million students in the U.S., a number that is growing.

Ajit Dutya, co-creator of Crossword Puzzle, in New York City, July 17, 2020.

The partnership with the University of Texas, where Dutty teaches, comes after the company was hit by a wave of complaints about the quality of its puzzles, including one that asked for students to submit a “secret password” for its online quizzing service.

A U.K.-based company, UK-based Crossword Puzzles, also said it was temporarily banning its online puzzles from the app due to poor service.

Crosswords Puzzle launched in India in May with a handful of quizzes.

Dutty said the company had been struggling to find a solution for the problems the quizzes were causing.

“The customer is the one who is going to make decisions about what is best for them,” Dutcha said.

“It’s not just the quizzing that’s going to be challenging but also the teaching that will be challenging.”

Dutta said the problems were so frequent, he wanted to make sure they weren’t the only ones the quizzers were faced with.DUTTY has also started offering quizzes to students across India, with some students taking the quizze-based courses as an alternative to completing a formal exam.

Crosswords Puzzle has offered students quizzes online in the country for the past year.