‘No school should be allowed to be an academy’: Students’ union slams ‘unnecessary and discriminatory’ exam

A top university has been slammed for its controversial exam posters.In an official statement, the Association of British Universities (AUB) said it was “disappointed” with the posters, which are intended to encourage students to think critically and act on what they learn.“We recognise that some students have already been criticised for their responses, but the […]

How to write a good paper

The best way to improve your paper is to think like a writer.But that’s not always easy.To get started, here’s some advice on writing a good thesis and getting your writing done: First, read through all the paper submissions you need to review.You’ll want to read all the submissions.Do not just read the one you […]

“We’ve seen the beginning of the end for women in STEM”

We’ve seen some amazing strides in women’s representation in STEM, but that progress is being slowed by a lot of systemic issues that disproportionately affect women of color and people of color of color.As a result, there are a lot more men than women in the STEM workforce and, especially for the younger generation, that […]

Tiger academic guidance counselor is suing

Tiger academic and guidance counselor Tara Brown is suing a former client, claiming the former client sexually harassed her in an attempt to get her to withdraw money from her bank account.In her lawsuit, Brown said she was told by her client that “he would never see me again and that if he ever did […]

How do you get good academic guidance?

Academic guidance is a key element of any university’s academic strategy.However, the guidance that’s most useful to students and their families is not always clear, and can be confusing.The advice you need to be able to understand the details of the advice is the same whether you are a student, a parent, a staff member, […]

How to get a high grade in your exams

Students who fail their exams will get a warning, with the college and university having to pay Rs 50,000 for the first offence and Rs 40,000 after two, for three and four years.The colleges and universities will have to pay a further Rs 1 lakh for each offence.Students who do not pass their examinations can […]

Who is the ‘Greatest’ Professor?

More than 60 academics have signed a letter calling for the appointment of a Dame Margaret Mead as the first female professor of the Royal Society of Arts.The academics, who are backed by former prime minister Tony Blair, have called for the institution to consider the appointment following reports that Mead is not qualified to […]

The academic guidance business: How to sell a new product or service to the academic world

Education is a booming business.That’s why it’s so important to be able to understand how to sell your product or services to academics, says Kavita Chawla, author of the book The Academic Guide to Marketing: The Basics.And with the proliferation of online classes and online courses, academics are eager to learn about your products and […]

How to Use Academic Guidance on Your Trip to the U.S.

By now you should be able to see that there are two kinds of advice I get on trips to the United States: academic guidance and academic poster guidance.Academic guidance is the kind I use when I’m traveling, when I want to make sure I understand my options and what to expect, and when I […]