The American Tory: The Conservative Case for Education

Conservatives often talk about the importance of free markets, and rightly so, but the truth is that education and training can only be delivered by government.It’s true that education is important, but government is the only employer who can afford to provide it.So why is government so powerful and so powerful?Because government has the power […]

How to Get Rid of the Religious Left

The Left is a dangerous and divisive force.The Left has infiltrated all levels of our society and, more broadly, all walks of life, from the political establishment to the corporate world.The left has no monopoly on evil.Its influence is no longer confined to the realm of politics, but has reached into the realm as well.This […]

Harvard University to add Tiger academic guidance service

The University of Massachusetts Boston will now provide academic guidance services to students as part of a $7.3 million agreement with Tiger Academic Partners.Under the agreement, students will be able to view information about specific courses, instructors and the major they have enrolled in.The university will be offering the services through its online portal and […]

How to read a Bible verse and avoid being a fool

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who hosts a show called The Five, has written a book titled The Bible Verse, and he’s been talking about it since the beginning.In the book, Hannity writes about how many of us have trouble reading a verse, and it can be confusing for a Christian to try and understand it.Here […]

How to make sure you’re reading and listening to the right stuff at the right time—and keeping your kids safe online

The Internet is the playground of the world, and its creators are constantly trying to improve it.From YouTube to social media platforms like Facebook, people are using it to create and share content.But in some places, like the U.S., the content is even more dangerous than the apps.Here’s how to make a child safer online.

Juventus coach Antonio Conte, Juventus fans ‘outraged’ over Neymar’s comments

Juventus coach Carlo Ancelotti is “outraged” by Neymar having used his recent remarks about him in a pre-match interview to compare the former Barcelona star to the former Real Madrid star.Conte said: “Neymar has been criticised by the public for some comments and that is not good for football.He should be judged on the pitch.”He […]

The academic guidance business: How to sell a new product or service to the academic world

Education is a booming business.That’s why it’s so important to be able to understand how to sell your product or services to academics, says Kavita Chawla, author of the book The Academic Guide to Marketing: The Basics.And with the proliferation of online classes and online courses, academics are eager to learn about your products and […]

How to learn more about the latest research in medicine

The latest news on the research behind medicine.Article Sources Medical News Now title The science behind medicine: a roundup article The science of medicine, including the latest findings and latest news.Article Source Medical News Magazine article A roundup of all the latest medical research.

This crossword puzzle expert has a way with the maths

A teacher at a local primary school has made the best of a tough time.The school, a small community school, has a problem with one of its students being unwell.The teacher, an expert in maths, has been struggling with it for some time, and he’s taken it upon himself to solve it.It turns out that […]