Vice News looks at how the new college curriculum could benefit students’ lives

Vice News has learned that the College Board is pushing the Obama administration to provide a new version of the College Curriculum for Undergraduate Education.According to Vice News, the College Boards Educational Policy Committee has been working on this issue for years, and its latest report, issued this week, says that the new curriculum is […]

The Academic Guide to Academic Visiting

It’s official: academic visitors are going to be the next thing you see when you visit campus.But they’re going to have to learn how to navigate their way around campus in a way that works for everyone.That’s because the new academic guidance system has a few things in common with the old: it’s entirely student-driven, […]

Former Trump aide says she was a ‘big fish’ in ‘liberal elite’

Former counselor to President Donald Trump Karen Dubois says she “couldn’t imagine being an outsider” in the liberal elite. She told The Hill on Wednesday that she would be the “big fish” in a liberal elite that she says has been “out of touch” with the American people. In her latest book, ‘The Big Fish,’ Dubois describes […]

How to apply to study in the University of Melbourne

When applying to study at the University, it is vital to have a strong understanding of what you want to study.As you prepare to apply, you may find it helpful to ask: ‘What is my aim in applying to this year’s university?’ and ‘What are the academic goals of this school?’In this article, we will […]